Welcome to my World of Fine Art

Welcome to my World of Fine Art

Hello everyone, my name is Jimmy McRoberts and let me introduce myself. I am a Fine Art Portrait photographer who’s work is focused around the human form, social issues, and overall beauty of the natural world. I hold a degree in photography with a minor in psychology. I added the minor to give people the background I have that helps me provide you with some beautiful, and thought provoking images.

The biggest thing I love showing is the human form through lighting, and it’s natural form. I also find the issue of Taboo to give me a big push to show people that even if they find Nudity Taboo that you can have beautiful images that are ART.

What you can expect from me in terms of blogging? Tips and Tricks for shooting, lighting, props, and other forms of expression. I will also write about series, studies, and shoot that I have.

Finally we are all adults and we should be treated like that, so please leave rude comments at home. I want to provide thought provoking and intelligent conversations about Art.

Here are a few examples of my work, I have others currently in my Projects section. I will also be blogging about different projects in the near future.

Thanks for reading,


All images are © Jimmy McRoberts 2014



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