Flowing Fabric Part 1

Fabric Motion Pt 1

This is going to be a few different parts because of the amount of photos that I have in this series, but also it will include shooting, lighting, inspiration, and reception of said images.


Last year when I first started shooting Fine Art Nudes I went to Pinterest to find images that would inspire series, or images that I would want to use to drive me into some images. I stumbled across a photographer named Steve Richard. He is a photographer based out of Canada who shoots fantastic beautiful Fine Art Images. The images I saw started to inspire me to shoot something like his work in terms of using the fabric, but changing things to make them my own (no one owns an original idea anymore.)

The moment I started to wonder how he captures everything, in terms of motion, posing, lighting, and framing everything. The first big element to get was finding the Fabric. Which was tricky at first until we found a place that had it and it a wide range of colors. We first picked up black and red. After the photos started to get popular we got blue, green, purple, and pink.

Next was finding someone who would be willing to shoot and find how everything worked to get the photos the past way possible. Several photos during the first shoot with a friend of mine who loved the concept. Once we finally managed to get the lighting, setting, and timing down we were good to go.


I am going to start recent and work my way backwards a little. Yesterday I had a Fine Art Nude shoot with Betty Blade. Someone I’ve been wanting to work with for awhile now. Timing just never got in the right place until now and we started talking about the style we wanted to go for the shoot.

We did some unique takes on the Flowing Fabric images. We added the outdoor element of nature to give the photos a more natural feel to them.

Now with these images I had a flash on camera left to help with fill light and capture the motion of the fabric. My wife was camera right tossing the fabric for it to be captured.

Tomorrow I will give you more on shooting and lighting plus more images from past shoots.

What do you think about the images? Comments and Critiques are always welcomed.



All images are © Jimmy McRoberts 2014



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